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How to make reservation?

Reservation Flow ご予約の流れ


Choose date and time you would like to reserve from reservation calendar. After confirm available seat, choose only from this symbol (〇)or(△).

Reservation accepted until 4pm a day before reservation day. For reservation over 2 person, choose(〇)for your reservation. In case your choice time got this symbol (△), the seat still available but only few of them. Possibility you cannot make reservation for 2 people above will have.

【3】[Reservation] Number of people 大人=adult 小人=child ご来店されるお客様の人数を選んで下さい。お席の確保が必要な為、必ずお子様の人数もカウントしてください。(10歳以上はおとな料金となります)

Choose your number of people who will come from the choice. This words means大人=adult 小人=child. ※ Children above 10 years old will be counted as adult.

【4】[Option Ordering] 和牛メニューにアップグレードされる場合はグレードをチェックしてください。和牛以外の場合は[※ No option]をチェックしてください。

Choose your menu from [Option Ordering]. For Wagyu menu please choose from the grade of Wagyu beef you desire. If you just would like have our normal menu choose [ No option].

   【5】[contact information] Name, e-Mail, cell phone numberにご記入ください。

Please fill [contact informationas your Name, e-mail, and also cell phone number.

  【6】 [Additional Request] メッセージがあればご記入ください。

If you have any additional request fill up [Additional Request].

【7】[Booking confirmation] 必要事項を記入してクリック。

1.    After filled up all the details, click button [Booking confirmation] for your confirmation booking.

  【8】[Order Confirmation] 記入した内容を確認して「予約に関する規約 Booking terms」を必ずお読み頂きPayPalボタンをクリック

After you checked all the details, please read Booking Terms of Condition and click Paypal button to proceed your payment.


Please make the payment through Paypal website.

【10】[予約完了メールが届きます。] 当店からご指定のメールアドレスに確認メールが届きますので、メールをご確認ください。※当店からのメールが届かない方…メールフィルター設定を行っている場合がございます。
当店のメールアドレス【reservedatouka@m-ouka.com】を受信できるようご設定いただくか、問題なく受信・ご確認ができる別アドレスにて再度送信してください1.    [Reservation Confirmed] email will be send to you. Please check your inbox email for confirmation. Those who does not receive any email about confirmation booking, please check your spam box too or please change your filter email setting. Set below address for filter your email so you can see the email. If you have any problem just email here reservedatouka@m-ouka.com.




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